Working Capital for Manufacturers

Factoring Solutions For To Keep Manufacturing Companies on Track

Bridge Capital Business Services offers factoring solutions for manufacturing companies that provides working capital within 24 hours to buy raw materials, purchase equipment, cover payroll and overhead expenses, and most importantly, grow your business.

Cover Payroll

Purchase Equipment

Buy Raw Materials

Grow Your Business

Working Capital To Maintain Positive Cashflow

Manufacturing companies need to maintain a positive cash flow and reliable working capital to buy raw materials, pay workers on time, and keep production lines flowing. To meet all these demands, manufacturing companies must have the ready cash at hand, but their customers keep them waiting up to 90 days after delivery for their payments. That’s when invoice factoring comes in to close the gap between when a manufacturing company submits an invoice to a customer for payment and the time that they actually get paid.

Cashflow For Today and Tomorrow

When factoring with Bridge Capital Business Services, your manufacturing company will solve today's challenges by having the working capital to purchase necessary materials, maintain machinery, and pay your workforce. In addition, factoring will give you the working capital to to sign more customers, develop new product lines, obtain larger contracts with longer payment terms, and grow your business.

Benefits of Manufacturing Factoring

  • 24/7 online customer portal for staying on top of payments in real time
  • Low interest rates
  • Factoring specialists who understand your business model
  • Dedicated account managers ready to solve today’s cashflow problems and help your company grow
  • Same-day funding after invoice review


Imagine a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. You have a business to run, and that requires critical data for key decisions.


Whether it’s granting specific access to those within the company, or preventing unauthorized access from those outside the company, FactorView is committed to protecting your data.


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